Welcome to our 7th and 8th new Cooperation Circles of 2017: Dreamz Unlimited Foundation and Spiritual Paths!

20 December 2017

Dec 20, 2017

Dreamz Unlimited Foundation truly embraces the "cross-boundary" nature of Multiregion CCs. Its members come from Slovakia, India, Iran and Malaysia.  The objective of Dreamz Unlimited is to give back to the poor and marginalized in society, regardless of their religious or socioeconomic status. The members see a strong need for this in their respective locations. Learn more here.

Spiritual Paths Foundation helps individuals to develop a personal spiritual path and meditative practice through books, online courses, videos, multi-day retreats, mentor training and individual mentoring. Since 2002 they have brought together more than 40 esteemed teachers from many spiritual and meditative traditions to share their wisdom, experiences and methods for cultivating the qualities required for profound individual and societal transformation. Learn more at https://spiritualpaths.net/