Every Voice - Dr. Potre Diampuan

31 January 2018
Dr. Potre Diampuan

By words and actions, people all over the world give voice to URI. Their voices remind us what URI means and inspire even more of us to speak out and spread URI’s message.

At the start of URI, there was clear intention that URI’s Purpose needed to be so compelling that it would make people want to “jump out of bed each day.”  Dr. Potre Diampuan, currently serving as Senior Interfaith Advisor for URI in the Philippines, beautifully expresses this kind of personal passion to accomplish the Purpose of URI.

Interfaith is a way of thinking. Every day as I wake up, I pray to Allah All Mighty to give me peace, to my family and clan, and to the whole world. I am earnestly praying that one day there will be peace all over the planet Earth. With an awesome mix of enthusiasm, delight, and pondering, and more pondering, I ask myself, “What would be the next good thing to do to promote interfaith [cooperation]?”

Like my co-peaceworkers, we have taken to tread this difficult road. But, I am certain that no matter how little the ripples that we create are to end religiously-motivated violence, this is what makes life inspiring, meaningful and rewarding … knowing fully that we are making a contribution that we may see light at the end of the tunnel and that peace may reign in the whole world! Ameen!

- Dr. Potre Diampuan

Dr. Potre Diampuan also adds: "As I wrote the above statement, this prayer poured out of me.  It comes from random thoughts by one engaged in interfaith peacebuilding, inspired and ignited by the vision of URI."

A URI Person’s Prayer

Ya Allah!

Bestow upon us peace in our countenance and hearts as we wake up in the morning.

Make us walk with smile and light heart as we meet others on a happenstance.

Confer upon us the humility that we can dialogue with others.

Enlighten us with beautiful language to convey the message of peace in a variety of sound ways.

Endow us with strength and skills as we continuously break the ground for interfaith understanding.

Shower us with affection that we may care for each other.

Render us into action, not into complacency.

Multiply the number of people to join the noble struggle to commit to peace and conquer conflict between and amongst peoples.

Increase our number like the corn that grows seven ears and each ear making a hundred kernels.

Grant us the ability to cherish the oneness of humanity.

Keep us irrevocably integrated to our vocation.

Give us the courage to patrol and emerge where religious conflicts arise.

Purify our hearts with deep compassion to recognize that we are of one kind, mankind!

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