Every Voice – Adelia Sandoval

30 April 2018
Adelia Sandoval

What gives URI a special energy? Do people in URI connect and act fueled by a different way of seeing the world? Adelia Sandoval gives us her perspective about the kind of energy needed to shift the world to peace and urges us to embrace this way of being in the world.

Adelia Sandoval is a treasured contributor to URI, a former Global Council trustee for North America, member of the Spiritual Alliance for Hope (SARAH) CC, and the spiritual leader for the Juaneno Band of Mission Indians Acjachemen Nation in southern California. Adelia beautifully articulates a different way of seeing the world and our place in it. She points us toward URI’s Preamble Purpose and Principles and urges that “our compassion and our forgiveness must be on the tips of our fingers and the tips of our tongues.”

All of you who have chosen to be part of URI, I ask you to read the PPP's (Preamble Purpose & Principles of URI) daily. In this you may discover there is another way to react, another way to be that is so amazing I think even URI as an entity forgets it. We are an energy - an energy that will shift this world into another place. It is the energy of speaking for - speaking for peace, speaking for compassion and justice, speaking for women and children and the dignity of all human beings, speaking for our Earth as a living and vibrant Being.  SPEAKING FOR ALL LIFE IS SACRED. It is just adjusting our perspective on life itself perhaps even just a little bit.

Our compassion and forgiveness must be at the tips of our fingers and the tips of our tongues. It must be in our eyes as we reflect to one another the divine energy that gave us our very lives. May Peace prevail in our mouths, our hearts, and hearts so that it will emanate out to the WHOLE EARTH.

If we were for a moment to set aside our beliefs and our heritage, like being Irish or Native American or Italian, and acknowledged our common heritage, how powerful this would be. We have a common heritage. We were created by the same energy, that which moves through all life and is life itself. We were molded and shaped and breathed into to do something very beautiful: to reflect that very energy that created us.  In its simplicity, I realized this is why we are here. This is why we are all different: because this beautiful energy that created you and me is infinite possibility.

"This is why we are all different: because this beautiful energy that created you and me is infinite possibility."

Rev. Adelia Sandoval is the Spiritual Leader for the Juaneno Band of Mission Indians/Acjachemen Nation. The Acjachemen people are the indigenous people of Orange County in Southern California. Adelia is also a Ceremonial Leader, Bear Dancer, Re-Burial Rites Ceremonialist and Keeper of Songs she has been taught by Tribal Spiritual Leader, Ka'chi. She is the director of the Tribal women's singing group the Tushmalum Heleqatum (Hummingbirds that Sing).