Every Voice – Gard Jameson

2 July 2018
Gard Jameson

Sharing the Sacred

In URI we share the sacred with diverse voices, forms, practices and feelings. Every member of URI brings his and her unique expressions of prayer, meditation, ritual, and reflection. People with different beliefs and expressions create and enrich our community. Gard Jameson, a generous friend and member of the URI North America Leadership Council, teaches Chinese and Indian Philosophy at the University of Southern Nevada Las Vegas. Gard helped found and chairs the Interfaith Council of Southern Nevada Cooperation Circle. He recently offered his prayer as a gift.


blessed attitude

may my will always surrender

to the glorious and inspiring presence of God

humbly, gratefully to receive the grace

of unconditional love, unfailing forgiveness and matchless goodwill


may my yearning gently aspire

to a larger awareness of truth

to the incarnation of righteousness

to love mercy, to do justice, to walk humbly with God


may my meekness rest in the trust

of an unshakeable faith in God,

enduring all things through divine goodness

being patient and kind with all


may my heart and mind be pure

that I might have eyes to see

that I might have ears to hear

that still, small voice that whispers: I love you