Beltane Celebrations

3 July 2018

Spirituality and the Earth, a group that gathers from around the world, honors the Pagan tradition of revering the Earth during a season of passage. 

Beltane represents the peak of spring and the direction to summer. It is a time when the earth is buzzing with life force, bursting flowers, and greeting many creatures who will make their way outdoors to enjoy the company of sunshine. 

There are many traditions and Irish myths associated with this special time of year. The Maypole is a familiar symbol and ritual object that takes the center during Beltane celebrations. The pole stands stall with it's base in the earth, circled with many colorful ribbons that are woven in a spiral dance during the celebration. The interwoven green, red and silver ribbons are said to symbolize the spiral of Life, the union of Goddess and God, and between Earth and Sky. 

Morgana Sythové from Spirituality and the Earth tells us that Beltane celebrations will bring the the group "outside in nature near to Barcelona, Spain." The intention for the day will be to "celebrate Beltane, our Spring Festival - and most definitely will be revering the Earth." Morgana adds that when the group gathers "we always try to clean up litter even if it has been left by other people." Spring celebrations with spring cleaning. 

Many blessings to the community during the passing of the seasons. May we touch everything with abundance and joy and bring the singing earth energy to bear on the efforts we make in service of our communities. 


Beltane Celebrations

A many-colored Maypole woven during Beltane celebrations