Katherine Hreib


Environmental Network Coordinator

Katherine joined the URI team in September 2016. She is responsible for building a strong and diverse network among environmentally focused CCs by cultivating relationships with and among CCs, and creating innovative tools for story and best-practice sharing. A recent graduate of Columbia University, Katherine studied sustainable development, taking special interest in climate change law, environmental anthropology and the sociological impacts of environmental degradation. She is especially concerned with how environment issues, while shared by all, have diverse local manifestations with strong negative implications for certain geographic, racial and ecological communities. After working with groups in eastern Uganda, upstate New York and Staten Island, she understands the importance of privileging local knowledge and community engagement in our solutions. Katherine believes environmental and interfaith peacebuilding are of the same root and must be addressed hand-in-hand. 

URI Stories of Impact

Women’s Sweat Lodge

Members of the URI Family host a women's sweat lodge in honor of Earth and the passage of loved one, Grandmother Janet Windwalker.