Prayer for Earth Day

3 July 2018

Alice Gress, from Rio Inter-Religious Movement (MIR), a Cooperation Circle in Rio de Jeneiro shares with us a prayer for the earth sung in Portuguese. 

"Dedicated to Mother Earth   

We are humans made of four elements:

Fire, water,   earth and air ...

Our soul Represents the fire element;

Our blood the water element;

Our bones the   earth element;

Our breathing the air element.

Our Planet   Earth has the same elements That We have ...

The fire, that comes from the   Earth's center,   

the water, the Represented by the rivers and seas,

the   earth  with its forests, and the air que surrounds it ... We're All Connected!

Considering this equality we ask for "LIGHT"

for Representatives from countries around the world, to understand

we need a "New World View"

In Which all Human Beings They are valued the deserve,

as well as life in its different aspects.

Depriving the immediate solutions and related interests

que do not match the desires of humanity.

They see the answers que already exist for global problems

Before They reach unmanageable proportions.

Do the leaders understand que the fate of all Humanity has to be decided now.

The   Earth  will go on existing, we wont ...

Remember every leader, that the   Earth is our "home"!

The term "man", que meanings all the humanity is Kind,

and comes from "humus," which means "fertile land".

Make Progress Become means "fertile land"

Where the seed of what you are truly can flourish, grow and bear fruit. . .

Let us remember ALL of the meaning of "seed" we are to this planet ...

The east meats the west ... the north ... the south meats

And all the directions are on the central que unites us ...   The heart and love!"

"Dedicated a la Madre Tierra ...

Los humans están hechos de cuatro elements:

Fuego water, Tierra y aire ...

Nuestra soul is el fuego element;

Nuestra bleed el agua element;

DEPT el huesos Tierra element;

Nuestro breathing el aire element.

Nuestro planet Tierra tiene los Mismos elements tenemos ...

El fuego that proviene del core de la Tierra,   

represented by el agua y sus seas rivers,

la tierra con sus woods, y el aire to turn it to ...

We are all iguales!   

Teniendo en cuenta this igualdad please "LIGHT"

representatives from countries around el world, to understand

necesitamos una nueva "visión del mundo"

en el que todos los humans son valued as merecen,

así como la vida en sus different ways.

Depriving them soluciones inmediatas y los intereses related

that in coinciden con las Aspiraciones de la Mankind.

Ellos ven las respuestas ya existen to them globales problems

before alcancen proporciones uncontrollable.

¿Los entienden leaders el destination toda la Humanidad

tiene que ahora be decided for la Tierra

siguen existiendo, no lo hacemos ...

Recuerde all them gobernantes that la Tierra es la "home"!

El term "man", which symbolizes all Mankind la que es bueno,

y viene of "humus" meaning "fertile tierra".

Evolve means Convertirse en "fertile tierra"

donde la semilla of you that really

puede thrive, y bear fruit grow. . .

Remember todo el meaning of her "semilla"

en we are this planet ...

El this is encuentra con el west north ... El es el sur ...

Y todas las direcciones están en el central shaft that unites us ...

El corazón y el amor ..."