Every Voice – Diana Arsenian

30 July 2018
Every Voice – Diana Arsenian

The Power of Visual Imaging

At the first global planning summit in 1997, URI was gifted with the expertise of Diana Arsenian and colleagues from The Grove Consultants International, who volunteered to provide “graphic imaging” of the proceedings. Diana remembers that she was witnessing people’s strengths and heart to heart dynamism as they spoke about their visions and dreams for what URI could be. Her visual images captured ideas as they emerged from conversations and mirrored back the generative spirit and core seeds that were to become URI. 

Her visual images, drawn by hand with colored markers on large sheets of white paper, tuned into the heart of what people were saying and reflected this content and spirit back to the whole group. Today, Diana is an internationally recognized consultant, personal coach and artist – her love for URI burns bright and her dynamic images are still making meaning for URI.

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