Every Voice – Andre Porto

31 July 2018
Every Voice – Andre Porto


Andre Porto, former Regional Coordinator for Latin America and the Caribbean, developed “CC Management Tips” in 2007 to provide basic information to help Cooperation Circles (CCs) manage their affairs. Andre’s practical tips are still relevant. Today, Andre lives in Rio de Janeiro and is a husband, father and professional photographer. An edited version of Andre’s recommendations that focus on creating partnerships is below.

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“URI is a bridge building organization, not a religion.” It seeks to build cooperation among people of different religions, spiritual expressions and indigenous traditions. Bridge building can also refer to building bridges of collaboration by creating partnerships with other groups. We live in an age where groups are self-organizing, using partnerships and networks to undertake social reform and global action. When launching a project, a CC should consider seeking the support of a partner organization or the support of a network of similar organizations. Partnership does not necessarily mean sponsorship but joint projects.

One of URI’s principles is to form partnerships with other interfaith organizations or other NGOs who share URI’s purpose. CCs can build bridges by partnering with other groups to unite different social players and strengthen social cohesion. A CC can form partnerships with NGOs, religious groups, foundations, schools, universities, research centers, companies, communication departments, consumer agencies, municipal and state and federal boards, ministries, trade unions, lawyer associations, hospitals, walk-in clinics, physically handicapped associations, etc. The benefit of partnerships is that each organization brings its own experience, making the partnership stronger and increasing opportunities for success. It is important to set clear roles and tasks for each party to ensure the successful completion of activities.

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