Day of the Pachamama

20 August 2018
Day of the Pachamama

By Adriana Reyes

The first of August is celebrated as the Day of the Pachamama, also known as Mama Pacha or Mother Earth. La Pachamama is the goddess honored by the original peoples that inhabit the Argentine Northeast, Bolivia and Peru. It is considered the mother who engenders life, nourishes and protects it.

Happy month of the Pachamama.

"We are all part of the Earth and she is part of us. Man did not weave the fabric of life, he is simply one of his threads, everything he does to the fabric he will do to himself." (From the text of the letter of Chieftain Seattle 1865, when they wanted to buy the land.)

Jalla lla Madre Tierra, we offer to all of you from our Circle of Cooperation of the Indigenous Peoples of Argentina.