The URI Community Mourns the Loss of Darcy Belanger

14 March 2019
The URI Community Mourns the Loss of Darcy Belanger

Darcy Belanger, founder and active member of Parvati Cooperation Circle, was tragically lost in a deadly airplane crash in Ethiopia last Sunday. The URI global community mourns the loss of a peacebuilder who was fully dedicated to improving the world.

Darcy worked with Parvati to promote the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary (MAPS), ensuring that the Arctic Ocean would be off-limits to commercialization, industrializations and militarization. His family is accepting donations for Parvati as a way to continue the work he was so passionate about.

"Darcy will be greatly missed," wrote his colleague Uttama Anderson. "He lit up the world with his enthusiasm and dedication to serving our world through MAPS, the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary. All of us at are committed more than ever to establish MAPS with the same courage as Darcy."

Read more and see a video interview with Parvati in the full news story.

"Darcy was truly a champion and a force of nature, one whose passing leaves an unimaginable gap in this work as well as in the lives of his family, friends and colleagues. Yet he also leaves us with a deep determination to honor his legacy of courage, compassion and focus." Read the full statement on the website.