Disaster Relief After Mudslides in Cameroon

21 August 2019
Disaster Relief After Mudslides in Cameroon

Sad memory: Two years ago in Santchou, Cameroon:

On the 4th of August 2017, Santchou's community was seriously affected by mudslides in a disaster that killed two children from the same mother, Atioki Mireille. It destroyed houses and farms, and injured many people with health risks.

Sadly, the Cameroon government did nothing for the people affected until now. Some of them still have no houses, and have been staying with host families since then. They are even now facing difficulties to support school fees for their children.

Today, it is time to thank our donors, who promptly supported the affected people by helping them with hospital bills, dresses, house supplies, and food. They saved lives. Watch the video report to understand more:

In early August 2017, the western region of Cameroon experienced heavy rain that led to devastating mudslides and flooding. The Global Compassion Team helped people affected in the Santchou area.