Russia Today - Building Bridges - Blog Series

4 September 2019, 5:52 PM
Russia Today - Building Bridges - Blog Series - Wikicommons

About this series:

URI Senior Consultant Sally Mahé shares thoughts from Russia, where she is traveling with the Center for Citizen Initiatives. The trip is called a "Diplomatic Mission to the Russian Federation by American Citizens." Its purpose is to provide an opportunity “to make inquiry and analysis by traveling to Russia to learn additional points of view about US-Russia issues." The task is to begin “personal diplomacy to intervene in war-making efforts that could end all life on the planet.”

Along the way, Sally is connecting with URI members and Cooperation Circles (member groups) as she examines the actions of ordinary citizens meeting and building bridges of understanding together.

Post 1: Inheritance

Post 2 - KAK – HOW?

Post 3 - Buildup of Nuclear Arms Race – Cold War II

Post 4 - Moscow’s Metro – Culture on the Move

Post 5 - Sombreros in Siberia?

Post 6 - Help Each Other Hear Ourselves From the Inside

Post 7 - Heart of Democracy – Inspired by Russian Teachers

Post 8 - “It Was a Cruel Time”

Post 9 - Palaces – Then and Now

Post 10 - Building Bridges – Nothing Else Will Do