URI Visible on Buenos Aires Meeting Day

18 September 2019
URI Visible on Buenos Aires Meeting Day - Maria Escuela de Amor

Last Sunday, September 15, in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, from 12-noon until 6:00 PM, the second edition of the Day of the Meeting was organized by the General Directorate of Cults of Buenos Aires.

At 4:00 PM, there was an interreligious moment in which a minute was dedicated to Peace.

That moment was suggested by the Director of Support to URI Cooperation Circles (CCs), María Eugenia Crespo, who was at a stand providing information on the interreligious and intercultural work of URI in the world with an emphasis on our Latin American region. She did this through the dissemination of materials such as the URI Preamble, Purpose and Principles (PPPs), Connections bulletin, and other materials alluding to the work of CCs in Latin America around interreligious dialogue, respect for human rights, and healing of our Mother Earth. Maria is a member of the URI CC "Escuela de Amor."

Maria meeting day