URI Europe: Let’s Come Together to Share, Pray and Heal

27 March 2020
URI Europe: Let’s Come Together to Share, Pray and Heal

Yesterday, URI Europe hosted a one-hour open community call titled “Let’s come together to share, pray and heal” for URI family from all around the world.

We were happy to have with us 23 people from four continents – South America, Asia, North America, and Europe.

Even isolated, we were united and connected through our hearts!

We shared our feelings; how the current situation affected us; what we or our Cooperation Circle (URI member group) is doing to support the community; and some ideas about what can be done in this time of crisis. Beautiful prayers and poems were offered.

We closed the call with a Sam Baker poem offered by Rev. Charles Gibbs.

Go in Peace
Go in peace, go in kindness
Go in love, go in faith
Leave the day, the day behind us
Day is done, go in grace
Let us go into the dark
Not afraid, not alone
Let us hope by some good pleasure
Safely to arrive at home
Let us hope by some good pleasure
Safely to arrive at home
- Sam Baker

This spiritual connection among people has never has been lost. It has just been overridden by busyness, greed, and other distractions. In the quietness of our homes and in our spiritual homes, we can always find each other.

Thank you all for being part of that call! Big thanks to the URI Europe media team for the beautiful anniversary logo they created. You can see it on the screenshot from the call (above).

Notes from the call:

Activities and opportunities:

·More chances for phone calls, as people are in lock-down.

·Lock-down offers time for interfaith exploration: reach out to people who are different, read and learn from/about other faiths.

·Reach out to people who need help, the elderly or neighbours. We check in with them more frequently.

·Connect by the mind, visualize, be aware that we are all connected in any case.

·It is a wake-up call. And it is also making us slow down.

·Through Facebook groups food drop-offs for elderly persons are organized.

·In this time of crisis, interfaith communities are showing up more, we want to be together.

·Use religious festivals and offer prayers for healing for the world.

·The children find lock-down difficult, but we use the time to teach them lessons around nature, care for the animals, car for trees, compassion for all. So that they will become good, compassionate, caring individuals.

·Different religions need to join hands in common action to help the most marginalized. Remember the disadvantaged, the poor, the refugees, migrants in camps, of whom we do not see or hear so much. They do not have the means to protect themselves, e.g. disinfect their hands, wear masks. We need to hear their stories, we need to remember them and act to support them.

·Our CC works on peacemaking through the arts. Usually we take photos of families of different religions and create exhibitions, this is not possible now. Now we are making short movies. For Earth Day, we will create films on earth, water, soil. Social media are a good way of sharing.

·Health workers are missing. We need to encourage the younger generation to join the health system.

·Now there is less pollution, no exhaust, no noise, no light pollution. We need to stop and think. When we damage the Earth, the Earth has to react. It is warning us and we need to think far ahead.


Online learning opportunities are needed for the children in lock-down.

We need to help parents who are jobless.

We need equipment for the hospitals.


Stay at home, keep safe!

Do not be defeated. There is hope, there is laughter, there is courage. 


“In the quietness of our homes we can always find each other”

“We have to rise above this fear”

“Don’t be afraid that the virus stops us from being free with our love”

“We have this global home, in URI, where we meet our family and give and receive hospitality”

“This is a global issue. It seems that a greater power is saying to us: “You all have to come together. Come together, folks, we need to have Peace!” - And we need to carry this message to religious & political leaders – “let us all come together”.” 

“I am touched by this call it shows the solidarity, that we are really a family & we are together.”

“I feel better now, we are isolated, but in touch. We share our experiences. It is a new experience, and I hope there will be another call.”

“Now there is less pollution, no exhaust, no noise, no light pollution. We need to stop and think. When we damage the Earth, the Earth has to react. It is warning us and we need to think far ahead.”

“The path to enlightenment is to go into endarkenment. We must not look away from so much pain which is there.”

“Acupuncturists repulse us on so many levels. At this time there are so many different levels of energy and information pulsing. This crisis is a reminder not to get overwhelmed. Remember to settle down to the deepest pulse. We are held. Remember to regularly step outside and let everything - and be held.”

 From the chat:

I feel so nurtured by being with you all. Thank you for being present here now. 

Thank you all... you lift my spirit.... I am usually very positive but I am challenged to hear challenge of so many.

Moravian Daily Textbook: Merciful God, forgive us, we pray. As far as the east is from the west, remove Corona from us. Cleanse our hearts and free us from the weight of guilt and regret. Amen.

Yes Rosen-  many people are being forgotten. Uri NL is reaching out to homeless in the Hague.

I was horrified to see homeless in New York City .. on the Dutch TV .. they are also being 'blamed' for the virus

Please also join us on URI EN CC https://www.facebook.com/groups/699691273538292/

and the URI Global Indigenous Network: https://www.facebook.com/groups/212604479507747/

Sharing our stories is really important!

Thank you all for joining! And please keep healthy, so we can see again soon. Blessed is your work!


Websites with practical information:

–   WHO: https://www.who.int/westernpacific/news/multimedia/infographics/covid-19

–   EU: https://ec.europa.eu/info/live-work-travel-eu/health/coronavirus-response_en


Gathering voices of youth to empower the fight against COVID 19  https://youtu.be/Yp3CkY1kJ8o
Interested in being part of the next video? [email protected]

Greenhope’s message on the Covid-19 crisis (call to keep recommendations and prevent the spread) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8HNvkPlaxWc&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR1U8_jbs_iAtZuVyU97SGdT8fBxd9TaLSTmvlIZncaf8Q8MvUUaE9HZG70

Sam Baker poem offered by Charles. Musical version is sung by Sam Baker. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wcZYYygCX5o

Vincent’s email – call to youth to create films. The following can be an inspiration.

Grandma explaining what to do: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ey08XMOisiw  (witty but educational)

Virtual choir: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WFZmT-LRMBM  (collage concept, videos recorded by individuals)

Earth song from Bulgaria: https://www.facebook.com/UNICEFBulgaria/videos/1557473101066493/