Europe Region


URI Europe’s work is strategically linked to changing demographics, particularly the influx of immigrant populations into historically Protestant and Catholic communities. 

In recent years, increased immigration, economic uncertainty and the threat of terrorism have heightened inter-religious tensions in urban areas throughout Europe. URI Europe’s more than 50 Cooperation Circles throughout the continent are uniting to build social cohesion in their communities by holding peacebuilding trainings in Russia, organizing rural development programs in Eastern Bihar, UK, providing interfaith urban conflict resolution trainings in Spain, and disseminating values education programs in Belgium.



  • Karimah Stauch, Regional  Coordinator 
  • Lejla Hasandedic, CC Liaison Officer
  • Angelina Vladikova, CC Liaison Office

URI Stories

Muslim Jewish Conference Report

Vjekoslav Saje shares a report about his participation in activities in Paris in December on behalf of URI Europe, for the European Institute for Dialogue, where URI Europe is a founding member.