Voices for a World Free of Nuclear Weapons: New Website and Music Video Launch

31 March 2020
Voices for a World Free of Nuclear Weapons: New Website and Music Video Launch

Greetings to our fellow URI Cooperation Circles!

Voices for a World Free of Nuclear Weapons, a Cooperation Circle (URI member group) founded by Bishop Swing, has some exciting news to share with you all.

We are about to launch our website, www.voices-URI.org, which will serve as a rich nuclear disarmament resource destination. We are also launching a heart-centered music video performed by reggae artists and URI Cooperation Circle leaders Pato Banton and Antoinette Rootsdawtah. Pato filmed the video while participating at the interfaith "Holy Land, Living Water" pilgrimage in the Middle East, which was sponsored by URI, Unity Earth, and Eco Peace Middle East (two other URI Cooperation Circles). The video song is titled "A World Free of Nuclear Weapons." 

Some of you may be familiar with our Nuclear Prayer and the video which shows a former Secretary of State, a former Secretary of Defense, several United States Ambassadors, a famous physicist, and others reading a prayer for the end of nuclear weapons. The new music video includes the Nuclear Prayer as well as conveying a fresh and positive approach to nuclear disarmament with prayer, heart, and soul. Our goal is for this to appeal to a wider population which includes youth, the elderly, and all folks in between.

Our message is simple. Let's come together as one family of humankind to address with urgency the serious issues of nuclear weapons and nuclear disarmament. In the same way the coronavirus has shown us that a virus knows no borders, the deadly fallout from a nuclear war does not either. (What do all the world's religions have in common? The coronavirus. So if the people of all religions wash their hands, lives will be saved. Likewise, if we unite by urging our nations' leaders to take decisive action by eliminating and disarming nuclear weapons, we can save lives too.)

It is time to awaken the world to the global threats nuclear weapons pose each and every day. It is time to ignite urgency in the hearts of all humankind. It is time to raise our voices as one family and tell the world we want a world free of nuclear weapons.

We kindly ask that you share this message and the links below with your Cooperation Circles and fellow URI members. Please ask them to also share this on their social media platforms far and wide.

Voices for a World Free of Nuclear Weapons website:


A World Free of Nuclear Weapons Music Video - Written by Pato Banton and Bishop Bill Swing:


The Nuclear Prayer:






We can make a difference with your help!

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out to Julie Schelling or Katherine Lehmann at [email protected].

"The Beginning and the End are in your hands, O Creator of the Universe. And in our hands you have placed the fate of this planet. We, who are tested by having both creative and destructive power in our free will, turn to you in sober fear and in intoxicating hope. We ask for your guidance and to share in your imagination in our deliberations about the use of nuclear force. Help us to lift the fog of atomic darkness that hovers so pervasively over our Earth, Your Earth, so that soon all eyes may see life magnified by your pure light. Bless all of us who wait today for your Presence and who dedicate ourselves to achieve your intended peace and rightful equilibrium on Earth. In the Name of all that is holy and all that is hoped. Amen."