Back to Our Inner Center, a Reflection in Times of Coronavirus

1 April 2020

After 15 days of total quarantine in Venezuela, a cause of the Coronavirus pandemic, the members of Quinaroa have met by video call to have companionship during the physical distance that we are experiencing worldwide.

One of the most important reflections is what we share below, expressed by Yelitza Rangel, Quinaroa member and main contact person. "We always wait for a leader and at this moment, the energy of nature said, ‘You will be the leader yourself. Do not expect anybody. Act, act from your Being. If we all think about the well-being of many, many will be the beneficiaries.’”

To take care of ourselves and pray to be generators of solutions, we can use these means of communication to spread words of encouragement, comfort, and motivation. Let us put aside the complaints. How many of us do not ask for more time? How many do not deny our wages? How many do not want a long vacation?

The campaign sounded and the universe said, "wish granted" in its own way, because nature responds in the time that she believes convenient. That is a teaching that our ancestors shared with us in the Quinaroes Town since we were children. So, in this second quarter of the year, let's take the draft and re-plan our LIVING. Let's start studying the leaders of the past, to emulate their good deeds and come out empowered, beware those leaders don't have to be movie stars, politicians or scientists.

Let's look at our relatives. How many things they did not achieve in other times? Let's review history. I am sure that each one of us has many things, cases, and situations in which our relatives can be leaders. Thanks to the good deeds of those ancestors, today we are where we are because we not only inherit genetics, money, or land, but we also inherit energy. It is this energy that allows us to continue working and making history by less intricate ways.

Have courage, and, as Rabbi Arieh of the URI member group Escuela de Amor says, “Very good morning with love.”

Hugs for the entire URI network, from Lagunillas, Mérida state, Venezuela.