Religions In Spain Speak Together for Solidarity During COVID-19 Crisis

2 April 2020

Veus de les religions davant la pandèmia de la COVID-19

Associació UNESCO per al Diàleg Interreligiós (AUDIR), a URI member group in Barcelona, Spain, sends this video in Catalan, Galician, and Spanish: "Together for the world and global solidarity." They write:

COVID-19 is a pandemic that threatens all humanity. The answer is boundless solidarity, open to full communication in which the peoples of the earth share human and food resources, scientific and technical inquiry and inquiry, and common values ​​to meet this challenge to human life. To do this, we need the spiritual strength of all religious traditions and non-religious convictions.

Inter-spiritual dialogue must nourish a new humanity, less self-centered and less individualistic, working together to make a world without borders or exclusions, a healthier world for everyone, a fairer world, without discrimination of any kind, a world that addresses the climate emergency and gives rise to a new, more peaceful and dialogic society.

In this video, several religious traditions share reflections and encouragement in the face of the current health emergency: "Junts per la vida i la solidaritat global / Together for life and global solidarity."