URI Members Share "Learning to Live in Lockdown" Video Series

6 April 2020

Cape Town Interfaith Initiative, a URI member group in South Africa, shares a video series on YouTube called "Learning to Live in Lockdown." Aimed at creating serenity in a time of stress and worldwide crisis, the videos feature meditation and breathing techniques. (Videos in English.)

Cape Town Interfaith Initiative asked our members what tools they are using to support themselves during South Africa's time of uniting to protect ourselves against Covid-19. Chairperson Rev Berry Behr is an Interfaith/ Interspiritual minister. Here's her secret to stress management.

Cape Town Interfaith Initiative asked faith leaders to share their personal tools for maintaining spiritual strength during times of challenge. Sister Nita Makanjee of the Brahma Kumaris introduces us to her sacred practice in this clip. Om Shanti.

Cape Town Interfaith Initiative asked people of different faiths how they cope with stress during these days of unprecedented change. Annewikke Pillay of The Art of Living taught us this calming technique.