Reflections on Healthy Immune Systems

15 April 2020

See the video above.

It is very clear now that prevention is one of our biggest advantage against the “surprises” that our (humanity and nature) interaction with the natural environment can cause to human beings’ health. Our way of life is based on extreme consumption of goods, industrialized society, and taken by anxiety, among other problems caused by living towards the material world. All those aspects of our social arrangements made our health weak. 

We all know by now, that the COVID-19 disease manifests its most fatal aspect into bodies that are unhealthy already. That’s why Dra Marly Pedra (Coordinator of the Fé – Menina CC, São Paulo) was invited by the Viva Sustentável (Live Sustainable) channel to talk about our immune systems and how we can improve them. By improving our immune systems, we will have another way, besides social isolation, to fight against the coronavirus. If people, during this quarantine time and also after it, strengthen their immune system, we will be different kinds of human beings after all this passes. We will be truly healthy.