Tribute to Dadi Janki

18 April 2020
Photo: picture of the woman being tributed Dadi

Dear all,

As you know, Dadi Janki, died some days ago. Check the online magazine that were published in her honor. The video that is inside the magazine is amazing!

Magazine excerpt

Dear reader,

Dadi was so happy, fun, amusement and, at the same time, so concentrated, powerful and strong will. She was the equilibrium itself. Dadi passed from this physical plan with 104 years old leaving a lot of missing e with the sure that spiritually she is eternal.

This Om Line edition it’s a tribute to this Goddess of wisdom and that could be so old and also so young, so sacred and also pop.


Link to the magazine in portuguese:

Photo of 2 pages of the magazine talking about Dadi's life.