URI Brasilia CC

Stimulating spiritual consciousness, emphasizing the self-knowledge path and authentic spirituality
“Our purpose is to promote harmony between religions and traditions, emphasizing the importance of the spiritual journey as an important means of obtaining lasting peace.”
Christianity, Buddhism, Spirituality, Baha'i, Hinduism
Anglican, Buddhist, Messianic, Ananda Marga, Brahma Kumaris, Hare Krishna
Number of Members
Brasília DF, Brazil
Joined URI Network

URI Brasilia Cooperation Circle (CC) holds frequent meetings with its members and continues with its interfaith dialogue activities and with the incorporation of new members. They organize activities related to human rights and religious diversity and we are in continuous contact with the Secretariat for Human Rights of the federal government for the implementation of public policies related with this subject. Additionally, CC members participate in interfaith gatherings and campaigns for Peace Education.


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URI Stories of Impact

Farewell, Welcome and Gratitude for 2020-2024 Global Trustees

On Thursday, September 10, 2020, the Regional Coordination of Latin America & the Caribbean invited all the Cooperation Circles of the region to a meeting via zoom to bid farewell to the 2016-2020 management of the Global Trustees: Sofía Painiqueo, member of the Aflaiai CC of Chile, Salette Aquino member of the CC Brasilia of Brazil and David Limo member of the CC URI Lima of Peru, whose these four years represented all CCs before the Global Council of URI and in turn welcomed the new elected Trustees for the 2020 period -2024: Salette Aquino, CC Brasilia Francisco Morales, CC Comunidad Cósmica and Rosadelia Quizhpe, CC Samay who assume the post to represent the CCs.