Ridván Festival – Bahá’ís Faith

20 April 2020
photo: celebrating picture about the rivadán festival



The Bahá'ís celebrate the Ridván festival (Paradise Festival), this year 2020, starting from 6 pm of the April 19Th until May 1St .

In April 1863, at a garden in Bagdad, Bahá'u'lláh declare himself as the promised protester of all times.

Bahá'u'lláh, declare about his declaration as “ a Day of extremely happiness” and describe the Ridván garden as “  The place where Him (God) sprinkled over all the creation the splendors of His Name, the All – Merciful”.

Bahá'u'lláh, says:

... when the Day of the Resurrection was revealed the Trumpet sounded; and all people of the earth was reunited; and the scales was established, the bridged was build; and the Verses were sent to the high; the Sun shone and the stars were obliterated; and the souls were resurrected; the breath of the Spirit was blown and the angels together in lines; the Paradise was brought closer and the hell glowed!

…the one who had believed in God and in its Manifestation of his Beauty was taken from the grave of the negligence and took to the sacred soil of the heart, receptive to faith in life and assurance; admitting at the Ridván the divine presence. 

 And still:

Says: “rose the tormenting clarin touch an the Day belongs to God, the One, the unlimited …’ “ the Resurrection came!” ‘More than that; The one who is the Subsistent by Himself showed up with the Kingdom of his signs.’… Yes, to my Lord, the High, the Very High!’ “Were uprooted the logs trees?’ … the mountains were made dust…’   

To the God’s Justice! The Mater book becomes manifest, calling up humanity to God, the Lord of the worlds … Give ears and do not be like the careless… Break up the heavens of religions and the moon cracks and the people from the earth congregate in one new resurrection.

This is the day that each fragrant thing from my clothes – clothes, that emitted the parfum above all creation.

This is the Day that the torrential waters of eternal life flow from the All- Merciful Will. 

By the rectitude of the Omnipotent! Each hidden thing was manifested through the power of the truth. 

All God’s favors were liberated, as a sigh of His Grace.

The eternal life Waters were given to the Men.

Truly, all things created were immersed under the purification sea when, at the first day of the Ridván, we sparkled at all creation the bright from our most Sublime Names and High Attributes.   

The Bahá’u’lláh message:

The Bahá´u´lláh proclamation is a new phase to human evolution, based on the Divine Principles revitalized, inflating new life, energy and human values capable to build a new civilization based on unity at diversity, harmony between science and religion, in equality among men and women rights, at the universal peace, at the construction of a society in constantly evolution and in promoting the individual development, as humanity, at social areas, economic, cultural and environment.

“The one that is our Lord, the All-Merciful, feed in his Heart the will of seeing the human kind as one whole soul and one whole body.”

The welfare of humanity, its peace, its safety, are unrealizable, unless that, first, his unity is firmly settle down.’

“Be like the fingers of one hand, members at the same body.”

“You all are leaves in a same tree and the drops from one ocean.”