InCoaching Magazine Interview URI Regional Coordinator

18 May 2020
Photo: Enoé URI Regional coordinatior Latin America & Caribe

InCoaching Magazine Interview URI Regional Coordinator

Subject: The Brain and our Understanding Networks

Dra. Enoé Texier, Regional Coordinator of URI Latin America & the Caribbean

Our Regional Coordinator Dra. Enoé Texier was invited by InCoaching Magazine as the main anchor of the seventh edition, focused on neuroscience and the emotional field.

We rescue part of what Enoé wrote in that article: “My proposal is to invent new epistemological networks in the human and social sciences oriented towards the epiphanies of our time. By epiphany I mean a word that comes from the Greek 'epiphaneia' (appearance), in the sense that it is used in the field of philosophy of science as an experience of humanity or of a culture that reveals a new understanding of reality or of a situation, like a sudden experience of perceiving a property or characteristic of us or of the universe that reveals a meaning that we did not know ”.

This magazine is a good option to read in this time of confinement, that is why we share it on this occasion and with regard to this time Enoé comments “The science of our days gives us hope, because it tells us that, together with the death knocking we have an immense potential to live together, to be supportive and fraternal, to appreciate and love; we can drive our active energy, manage conflict, and educate our emotions. ”

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Additionally, we also share an excerpt from another interview that we believe may fit at this time, below the link: