Times of Change are Displayed

8 June 2020
Photo: sentence saying all great changes is preceded by chaos

The world is experiencing an unprecedented crisis. The Elite that controls the third dimension and political buying, institutions and the media generated a social experiment, creating panic throughout the population and homogenizing thought to promote a new world order with greater control and the accumulation of centralized wealth in a few. With the excuse of an ultra-lethal virus, life was paralyzed. A sinister plan with a global reach, although the Argentine government was deceived by the pandemia "like a ring on the finger." An economy that was already hit hard and without a sustainable plan, added a discourse riddled with lies, fear and manipulation, opening the door to its totalitarian and communist ideological intention. Given the magnitude of the challenges we face, possibly if the government were not Peronist, we could be on the verge of a civil war. It is containing the people who will have crumbs and subsidies and impoverishing them even more, but this will have its limit when there are many of us who reveal ourselves to this corrupt system. And fortunately, more and more of us believe in the fundamental values ​​of the human being, we want to be truly free and we long for peace.

Probably the new world that many of us dream of is brewing right now. Chaos usually comes out strengthened. We were like seeds under the ground that began to germinate and grow while waiting for flowering. This new paradigm no longer supports the old submission structures; they are no longer functional to us. We want to have the freedom to get to know each other, breathe clean air, share with loved ones, work in what we like, embrace each other, feel useful to the community and be happy. We need to manifest the deep meaning for which we have decided to incarnate in these times.

Just as the caterpillar is already a potential butterfly, we are also the magnificence of God in potential. The Universe is giving us the opportunity to wake up and evolve in the spiral of life; stop continuing to behave like caterpillars to become butterflies and fly higher. Every crisis must be synonymous with opportunity and growth. Find creative ways to get through the situation in which we are with a higher degree of awareness. What kind of energy we want to feed? Depend of us.