Happy 20th Anniversary to URI and we are happy to belong to this beautiful family

8 July 2020, 5:33 AM
Photo: Collage of different people from Quinaroes CC celebrating URI anniversary.

As part of the URI anniversary celebration, Yelitza Rangel, CC Quinaroes' first contact, wrote a text that describes a bit of her experience as a member of the network “respect for each religion is one of the principles that we have been taught in the Quinaroes family ”and it is one of the URI principles, for which we are attracted to be part of this worldwide family that respects unity in diversity. “Diversity makes life be life, according to the voices of our ancestors. Since 2012 we belong to URI, as CC and we have been allowed to share with youth and adults of different religions. Knowing them, listening to their anecdotes and observing their development within their beliefs has led us to strengthen and also be propagators of how good it feels to respect and coexist with different beliefs.

Today, we join in the great joy that unites the URI family in the world. Thank you for allowing us to be part of you, thank you for the experience and for the support given to all of us who are part of this inter-religious and intercultural family.

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