How Often Do I Choose to Live in These Times of Pandemic?

2 September 2020
Photo: Gabriel on his wheelchair with a paper written free hugs

Ciro Gabriel Avruj, former Global Trustee and member of the Misiones Unidas CC, shares a reflection on the time of confinement and uncertainty that is being experienced due to the Covid19 pandemic, after five months have passed in Argentina: “We are living the predicted times when the chaff would be separated from the wheat; between those who continue to vibrate in low frequencies like fear and those who choose freedom and love; between those who make the illusion of separation real and those of us who can become aware of the Unity underlying everything.

It is a matter of choosing what kind of thoughts we want to nurture and with our beliefs create the reality we want to experience. Life has no more meaning than what we choose to give it. Let us inquire into our Being what world we would like to live in and simply create it. The Universe conspires in our favor, it is only a matter of vibrating at the right frequency”. ~ Ciro Gabriel Avruj

With this reflection, Ciro invites us to raise awareness of human beings about unity since, absolutely all the actions that an individual performs have an impact on the rest of society, so the choice that each one makes of their actions for the well-being is key own and the other.