CC Guanabara Opens its Blog!

6 September 2020
Photo: Banner with the CCs information and the picture of its members.

The newly created, approved on June 11, 2020, CC Guanabara, opens his blog already with the principles of URI and information on how URI works at the level of cooperation circle. In their blog they tell a little of their story about how they started to get together as well as choosing the name of the CC.

The name Guanabara was chosen because it is the name of indigenous origin used by the city of Rio de Janeiro during the period when it was a city-state, having ceased to be the former Federal District of Brazil and became the State of Guanabara. Later, the State of Guanabara merged with the State of Rio de Janeiro (which despite having the same name as the city, it was not part of it).

Guanabara is also the name of the bay that is important for the Brazilian economy and that gave rise to the name of the city and the State of Rio de Janeiro. Therefore, the name Guanabara is a name of historical relevance for the geographic area of ​​operation of this CC.

Among the religious traditions of the founders is Christianity, Umbanda, Spiritism, Gnosticism, Buddhism and Hinduism, however, the group is open to members of different conceptions of spirituality, belief and even disbelief.

Welcome CC Guanabara to the URI family!