Share Memorable Moments in URI

14 September 2020

See a slideshow and beautiful song highlighting memorable moments from URI's journey, which is a segment from the larger URI 20th anniversary broadcast. / Song: "We Are One" by URI member Heng Sure, Buddhist Monk

On June 25, 2020, URI launched its 20-year celebration with a video, including “Memorable Moments from URI’s 20 Year History.” Photos of enduring, daily vitality within URI’s global community are accompanied by a song written and sung by one of URI’s founders, Venerable Heng Sure, “You Are I, We Are One.”

Idea: Organize a Zoom call (or face-to-face if possible) for URI Cooperation Circle members and all friends of URI. Show the video. After watching the video together, invite participants to share:

  1. What touched you in this video? How would you describe URI in a few words after seeing this video?
  2. Recall your experiences in URI. Please share your own memorable moments. Moments could be a time when you were alone, with a few people, with a bigger community, or connected to the global community. Take a few minutes to jot down your thoughts. Share your meaningful memories. If the group is large, divide into smaller groups or breakout rooms.

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