Being What We Want to Become

28 September 2020, 1:45 PM
Daniel Holman

Artist: Daniel Holman

In sparks and flashes, have you experienced being what you want the world to become?

It’s amazing to experience, in the midst of life, the ideals we are striving for. There is power in these moments to re-generate ourselves and our shared vision, “to create cultures of peace, justice and healing for the Earth and all living beings.”

Here is a spark I want to share:

URI Global Council and Staff Meeting, Seoul Korea 2005 (from Sally’s journal)

Yesterday, I saw groupings of new friends…tight groups from the same region have broken into new combinations (Rosalia, Argentina; Elana, Israel; Namsoon, S. Korea). There are so many new groupings, it is hard to describe the beauty of these scenes. It is human beauty within us and around us that we see, feel and are revived by.

After a long and full day, several of us (from countries including Pakistan, India, Iran, Jordan, China, Bali, Israel, Brazil, USA, S. Korea, and Argentina) sang favorite songs together...our hearts so open, our bodies relaxed, our full selves exultant in the glory of this magnificent, diverse humanity being so close with each other.

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