Ritual of closing and beginning of the new year

5 January 2021
Photo: archway made by the people

The members of Quinaroa CC perform a ritual to close the year and which in turn welcomes the new year. It is a ritual that, days before the end of the year, begins with the elaboration of the Arch of La Abundancia in La Casa Quinaroes, which is the community family home.

While making the bow (photo) the Mojan, shaman of the community begins to receive, search and choose everything that he wears. "It represents one of the many offerings that Los Quinaroes make to Mother Earth, to the Ancestors honoring the year that ends to receive the new year with Gratitude" ... Because at the junction from 2020 to 2021 the years are told their secrets... And we to those who are not grateful say the elders ... Happy New Year to all the URI family.