Online Course - The Planet is sacred and wants Peace!

22 January 2021
Photo: Flyer with information about the course.

Online course "THE PLANET IS SACRED AND WANTS PEACE!" is launched in Brazil by the Casa das Religiões Unidas in partnership with the Catholic College of Feira de Santana and other Organizations.

The House of United Religions, an organization that aims at Culture of Peace, Reconciliation with Nature and Freedom of Belief launches the online version of the Course "THE PLANET IS SACRED AND WANTS PEACE!" in partnership with the Catholic College of Feira de Santana, UNISOES – Union of Scientific and Religious Philosophical Spiritualist Societies, URI – Initiative of United Religions , the Circle of Cooperation Faith Girl and the Instituto Ecobairro Brasil.O Curso "O PLANETA É SAGRADO E QUER PAZ!" – The tree of cooperation in religious, indigenous and spiritual traditions. It happens in person in Salvador and São Paulo, and now adapted for online version, allowing you to reach the "common house" without borders. It will be theoretical and practical and there will be live interaction with participants in the Course.


Objectives: General: To deepen from the harmony between the Feminine and Masculine Principles the understanding of the tree of religious, indigenous and spiritual traditions, for cooperation in Reconciliation with Nature and Sustainability, the Culture of Peace and freedom of belief for a SACRED PLANET AND PEACE!
• Promote Reconciliation with Nature for the correct use of renewable resources, preserving for future generations.

• Expand the Culture of Peace, listening to beliefs to understand, eradicating violence by religious motivation.
• Deepen freedom of belief in religious diversity, promoting cooperation and dialogue in a spirit of service to the Planet and the "Common Good."

Traditions invited and represented by female and male polarity:
1. Indigenous
2. Afro-Brazilian
3. Christian
4. Hinduist
5. Buddhist
6. Jewish
7. Islamic
8. Taoist and
9. Spiritualist.

The partnership with the Catholic College of Feira de Santana
The organizations UNISOES, Fé Menina, URI and Ecobairro Brasil are supporters of the Casa das Religiões Unidas and signs a partnership with the Catholic College of Feira de Santana, since the Feira Catholic launched in 2020 the Program Our Sustainable College with several actions to contribute an "Education for Sustainable Development" meeting the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations and the Encyclical of Ecology "Praise Be!" of the Pope Francis, documents that also the House of Religions United supports, which inspired the Letter Proclamation "THE PLANET IS SACRED AND WANTS PEACE!" on the occasion of the First INTERNATIONAL MEETING "THE PLANET IS SACRED AND WANTS PEACE!" with the theme: Climate Change from the perspective of Spirituality , occurred between October 26 and 29, 2017, in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. In this way the United House of Religions promotes the sustainable "common house" for an Integral Ecology from education, especially with a higher education institution.

When the Course will
take place The meetings will begin with Module I at the WORLD WEEK OF INTERRELIGIOUS HARMONY by the United Nations, from February 1 to 7, 2021, when nine religious and spiritual indigenous traditions will approach its tree that creates the climate of spirituality for humanity. Module II will take place after the Carnival period when it will be addressed on Interreligious Cooperation in meetings on Saturday afternoons ending on March 27, 2021, ending with a Cooperation Project "THE PLANET IS SACRED AND WANTS PEACE!" that will be prepared and executed by the participants.

How to
 sign up Access the link directly from sign up and secure your place: