Greetings from My Heart

23 February 2021, 3:34 PM
Greetings from My Heart

Power of Prayer and Positive Intention - Greetings from My Heart

As we nurture the spirit of URI, let us renew the power of prayer and positive intention that unites our global community and awakens our hearts and souls. See the full series of posts here.

A few years ago, Karimah Stauch, founding member and the Regional Coordinator for URI Europe since 2003, shared a heartfelt outpouring expressing her tension, her conviction, her longings, love and gratitude.  We receive prayer and loving intentions in many forms.

Reaching Out  - Greetings from My Heart

Tonight I want to share with you my tears, the cry of the deepest longing for peace.

Sometimes the tensions inside are just so high… as we listen

to the happenings, past, present, all, all over the world,

the tensions, between our fears, our pain, our anger, and our hope, our aspirations, our loves!

…as we continue struggling, working for peace and justice...

the tensions between our highest aspirations for justice and peace, everywhere, for every person… and the limitations of our physical being.

My sisters and brother, tonight I want to thank you for being there, all over this world,

for doing whatever you can do for peace and justice,

for doing whatever you can for the good of humankind and all creatures of this world.

Wherever you are on this earth, and whatever your creed or path, you are my sister, my brother.

We are all just one soul.

Whatever is the pain of one of us, is the pain of all of us.

Whatever is the joy of one of us, is the joy of all of us.

So let me thank you.

Thank you for being there.

Thank you for continuing the work!

Greetings from my heart.

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URI Director of Global Partnerships, URI Representative at the UN and the African Union, URI-Africa Regional Director, Former Ambassador