50 Reais to Save the Bees

8 March 2021

Donation to Protect Bees

This is the goal of ancestral shamanism of the Ecological Sanctuary Complex.

The importance of being a bee: The extinction of bees would cause the extinction of humans in 4 years.

What is the importance of bees in maintaining ecosystems?

The life of bees is crucial for the planet and for the balance of ecosystems, since, in the search for pollen, their food, these insects pollinate plantations of fruits, vegetables and grains. This pollination is indispensable, because it is through pollination that about 80% of the plants reproduce. As Einstein warned, "If bees disappear from the face of the Earth, humanity will have only four more years of existence. Without bees there is no pollination, no reproduction of the flora, no flora, no animals, no animals, no human race."

50.00 reais for the 🐝 continue with their pollinations, will you decide to donate?

Who donates and chooses to receive, will have a flayer with a photo of your company.

50 reais campaign to safeguard the bees 🐝 in the Ecological Sanctuaries Terra do Nós ResortXA.

In this free living, I bring clarity, the energy of this action that is invited, they are invited to help, contribute and be pioneers.

The Cerrado 

Within the Cerrado, we have more than 1,200 native bee species listed. This number covers many shapes, colors, forms of organization, habits and floral preferences. None of them is less important and is part of a network of highly sensitive ecosystem services essential to the existence of this bigeographic system.