Weapons for What?

8 March 2021

URI is a partner of the 10x10 Challenge and the Rede Desarma Brasil.

On March 2, an online lecture entitled WEAPONS FOR WHAT was organized, with one of the world's top authorities on gun control, Antônio Rangel Flags. Rangel brought important information on the situation of the subject in Brazil.

  • General Santos Cruz says, "Arming the population as a public security policy is absurd";
  • Violence Police Center found that when an armed individual reacts to an armed robbery, the average is 1 succeeds and 38 die;
  • In Brazil, the Brazilian Institute of Criminalistics – IBCCRIM says the average is: 10 who react, 7 are shot;
  • There were 4 Decrees in Carnival without justification. Minister Rosa Weber, supreme court, asked for justifications;
  • Main items of the Decrees:
  • Increase the weaponry of sports shooters (in Brazil there are more than 200,000) from 12 weapons to (including weapons of war) to 60 in the year.

Note: Viva Rio and army research found that many weapons that were seized with drug trafficking were legally purchased by sports shooters.

  • They reduce the age of sports shooters to 14 years and take parental control, meaning they no longer need to be authorized by their parents.
  • Shooting Clubs (1,345) have recharging machines and surveillance has been withdrawn. Reloaded ammunition cannot be traced for crime elucidation, ensuring impunity.
  • According to DataFolha, 70% of Brazilians are against the carrying of weapons, 64% of Bolsonaro voters are against the carrying of weapons.
  • Increase the number of weapons for hunters from 12 to 30 per year;
  • CACs (Hunters, Sports Shooters and Collectors) will be able to carry a loaded gun around their waists (in Argentina they keep their weapons in the safe of the shooting club), a real "disguised weapon". The shooting clubs have been filled with those who want to walk with guns, fake sportsmen. In two years, clubs went from 151 to 1,345;
  • You can buy a war rifle over the Internet;
  • The power of the weapons released by the Decrees is 4x higher than the law allows, making civilians have weapons as or more powerful than the police;
  • Feminicide increased in the pandemic.