Interreligious Conversation - Passover and Easter

1 April 2021
Photo: People from the CC Constructores de Puentes talking.

The table of Interreligious Dialogue and Culture of Peace (DICPaz) of the city of Santa Fe held a discussion between the Christian confessions and the Jewish community on the occasion of the celebration of Pesach (Passover) and Christian Easter. Different members of the CC Builders of Bridges (a URI member group) participated.

The Agudas Ajim synagogue welcomed all the participants from the different religious communities for the celebration of these two dates. Its main theme was to remember the most important and significant historical events through knowing their stories, understanding their traditions, as well as rites, the gastronomy, and the music of these important dates for the two traditions.

The discussion was carried out in a very pleasant way and in a spirit of brotherhood.

Photo: Young people playing violin
Photo: Christian person of the CC talking
Photo: Picture of the room where the meeting were held.