Golden Rule Day 2021

5 April 2021

The world-renowned Reggae musicians Pato Banton and Antoinette Rootsdawtah composed a new song dedicated to Golden Rule Day. Pato and Antoinette are members of the URI Cooperation Circle Pato Banton's Spiritual Family. In 2019, URI-Africa appointed Pato and Antoinette as Goodwill Ambassadors of the Golden Rule in recognition of their tireless efforts in promoting through music a culture of peace, unity, interfaith harmony, human dignity, compassion, universal brotherhood and sisterhood, and the message of the Golden Rule. The appointment was also in acknowledgement of over a decade’s public presence, lifetime unconditional service to humanity, motivational and inspirational teaching delivered to youth, and transcending music to convey a positive and spiritual message, as well as promoting the spirit of unity and world citizenship.

See more about this video on its YouTube page.

Read a Golden Rule Day 2021 Message from Mussie Hailu; URI Director of Global Partnerships, URI Representative at the UN and the African Union, URI-Africa Regional Director, Former Ambassador:

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Greetings of peace, light and blessing.

April 5th is the Golden Rule Day. On this special day, I want to share with you the following message, as the Golden Rule is a practical action to enhance and move forward the purpose of URI in promoting enduring, daily interfaith cooperation, ending religiously motivated violence and creating cultures of peace, justice and healing for the Earth and all living beings.

The Golden Rule, which says, “Treat others the way you want to be treated,” calls us to extend our concern beyond ourselves and to embrace a greater understanding and respect for all life form and Mother Earth.

The Golden Rule is a universal message which is accepted and embraced throughout the world by different religions, cultures and secular philosophies. It is a common denominator that can help us to live together in harmony and solidarity.

In this interconnected world we are living in, the Golden Rule is a way to disarm fear, to open the world for better change, to lay the foundations for lasting peace, and to overcome hate speech, violent extremism and xenophobia. It is a preventive mechanism and antidote against discrimination, violence, crime, war, and the violation of human rights.

The teaching of the Golden Rule summarizes the basic teachings of compassion, non-violence, honouring the dignity of all living things, social justice, equal rights, inter-religious and inter-cultural harmony, and peaceful co-existence.

It is the best guide we have to help peoples of the world to live together in mutual respect and harmony.

It is a common shared value that we need to live and practice every day in our life.

May Peace, Golden Rule, Compassion, Unity in Diversity and Justice Prevail on Earth!

- Mussie Hailu

A Message from the URI Multiregion Regional Leadership Team

The URI Multiregion Regional Leadership Team (Perri McCary, URI Trustee for Multiregion; Morgana Sythove, URI Trustee for Multiregion; Issac Thomas, URI Trustee for Multiregion; and Samira Barucija, Regional Coordinator for Multiregion) invites you to explore different formulations of the Golden Rule and share your favorite formulation with your URI friends. Here is a link where you can find examples of Golden Rule formulations from different religions, spiritual expressions and Indigenous traditions: