Pato Banton's Spiritual Family

Inspiring spiritual growth and understanding dialogue with people around the world through the vehicles of social media and music.
Pato Baton Spiritual Family

Founders Pato Banton and Antoinette "Rootsdawtah" Hall perform at URI's Circles of Light gala

Our purpose is to create a global spiritual family that engages in multi-faith cultural dialogue and encourages each member to become dynamic examples of The Golden Rule and loving service to the people and children within their "Circle of Influence" around the world.
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Lake Elsinore, CA, United States of America
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Pato Baton´s Spiritual Family was formed in 2010 as the group traveled around playing music and finding other like-minded people. Their ministry grew on itself; it started slow but is now in another organic formation of getting more onto the global interfaith stage.
Their gatherings are their biggest highlight. They were all meeting online through Zoom or Facebook, and then they decided to get together annually. They now host spiritual picnic gatherings based on family reunions. It’s now a tradition; once a year or twice a year they all meet for a picnic and a cruise. It’s an interfaith thing. All beliefs are welcome. People come together and share with one another.
The Unity in Diversity Multifaith Gathering in Florida is another highlight. It is a musical event at the Philippine Orphanage, which is now a great success.
Their goal is to focus on the question, “How do we get along?” They promote greater levels of tolerance in society. They think they need to break down many barriers expanding beyond small communities. In Ethiopia, Unity Earth’s vision is growing bigger and they are experiencing the Coexist/Interfaith movement growing right before their eyes. The activities to achieve their goals include: multi-faith and cultural dialogue, global outreach / musical ministry, spiritual gatherings / international conferences, counseling & conflict resolution, children & youth outreach, interfaith collaborations, and education through social media.

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