Spiritual Reflection for the Day of Indigenous Peoples

25 April 2021
Photo: People from the CC at the event

Last Monday, April 19, the members of the Indigenous Peoples CCs of Argentina and the Cosmic Community participated in a spiritual reflection meeting for Indigenous Peoples Day. This activity took place at 4 pm, Argentine time in the Plaza de Mayo, in front of the Government House.

Felix Diaz, leader of the Qoom People, together with the community, have been camping for 70 days in front of the National Government House, asking for answers to the great problems that Indigenous Peoples are going through.

We appreciate the valuable presence of our brother Global Counselor, Francisco Morales and the supportive adhesions of other circles in the region.

Photo: People from the CC standing
Photo: Member of the CC seat holding a paper.
Photo: URI flag among CC flag
Photo: people from the CC