Energy Cleaning Through Medicinal Plants

27 April 2021
Photo:Flyer with the information of the live with Take

In March, Isabel, first contact of CC Caminhos da Terra, made a live teaching with the indigenous Tafkea Fulni-ô tribe where he will bring the sacred teachings of his people. This includes energy cleaning through medicinal plants, Shamanic Reiki, and healing energy.

The group emerged from a regrouping of several indigenous peoples who inhabited the region. Documents indicate that, since the 1700s, the indigenous peoples of that region have faced problems with the non-indigenous occupation of the region. The distribution of land in Brazil, from  the hereditary captaincies, served as a mechanism for dispersing native populations, as occurred, for example, in the interior lands of Pernambuco. The Fulniô indigenous peoples resisted non-Indian occupation, and are the only indigenous group of Northeastern Brazil that was able to keep its language. They also maintain, to this day, the ritual of Ouricuri, which is performed in total secrecy.

Photo: Cocar made by the indigenous people from the Fulniô tribe.
Photo: Tafkea photo