Rising from the Ashes

23 November 2022

Jam and All Cooperation Circle Celebrates 20 years of Interfaith collaboration and impact in Florida and beyond.

Jam and All CC share how their story began. Watch and learn more.

JAM & ALL was founded in response to the events of 9/11 by Moshe David Kamrat, the son of Holocaust survivors. Believing it was important to bring Muslims and Jews together to get to know one another and understand each other's traditions, he reached out to two local imams. 

Together with Maulana Shafayat Mohamed, members of these two mosques and David’s synagogue, they formed a group called JAM - Jews and Muslims.  The name also evoked the idea of a “JAM Session,” with different instruments playing in harmony.  Very soon, people of other faiths also wanted to become involved, so the organization changed its name to JAM & ALL, and later to JAM & ALL Interfaith. 

Throughout its history, JAM & ALL Interfaith has sponsored and hosted a variety of programs designed to bring people together through dialogue. 

JAM & ALL Interfaith initiatives have included organizing three major conferences at Nova Southeastern University and Florida Atlantic University, creating an accredited college course at Broward Community College, holding social events, including interfaith family picnics and potluck dinners, producing film viewings and discussions, and hosting and coordinating international student exchanges. 

Watch a video recording of Jam and All CC sharing their impact for the past 20 years.

Dialogue groups started in 2002 with the Interfaith Women’s Living Room dialogues, in which women had opportunities in a safe, intimate setting to ask questions of each other about their faith traditions. This seven-year program gave birth to the Peaceful Pairings program, in which two congregations--one Jewish, one Muslim--would meet monthly to study a curriculum called "The Children of Abraham:  Jews and Muslims in Conversation." Through this program, people learned that they had much in common on a human level. Peaceful Pairings eventually became Interfaith Roundtables--originally at three different houses of worship and later online monthly gatherings of people from many faith traditions discussing topics of importance to all faith communities. 

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