A Meal of Love

13 December 2022

Through the support of wellwishers and partners, Undugu Family Hope Center supports over 100 children through their feeding program. 

Every child has the right to protection, education, healthcare, shelter, and good nutrition.

Undugu Family of Hope Cooperation Circle in Kibera slum in Kenya is working together with well-wishers to support the well-being of children in this community through various programs and initiatives.

One of the key issues in this community is malnutrition among children. A majority of families in the informal settlement do not have access to the required meals a day which exposes especially children to unhealthy vices, keeps them out of school, and has an effect on their physical growth.

In an effort to address this issue, the Undugu Family of Hope initiated a feeding program that supports children from poor and vulnerable households with food. Through this program, 150 children are assured of a meal each day. With more partners and donors, the organization hopes to reach out to more children who are in dire need of nutritional food.

Undugu family hope cc
Children enjoy a meal each day through the feeding and nutrition program at Undugu Family Hope Center

“We ensure no child misses food because food keeps them active and in school.”

Through the program, the organization realizes its mission of advocating for a safe space and healthy environment for the children as they are also taken through mentorship programs and peace activities.

Undugu family of hope

Undugu Family Cooperation Circle (CC) is a youth-led effort that works with young Christians and Muslims in the Kibera community in Nairobi, Kenya. “Undugu” means brotherhood in Swahili, and this CC aims to continue the current peaceful relations in Kibera, and empower children and youth.