Global Trustee Salette Aquino Visit the Holocaust Museum and synagogue in South of Brazil

26 February 2023
Photo: Global Trustee Salette at the Sinagoga

With all the support of ISAC BARIL, an employee of the Museum, and the attention of Rabbi PABLO BERMAN were covered the Holocaust Museum and the beautiful Synagogue of Curitiba.  EDWARD JS HARRISON (PAI JIMMY) accompanied Counselor Salette Aquino, Luiz Omar and Maria Angélica on the visit.

Also global Trustee Salette had a Conversation in the Lutheran Church with Pastor NILTON GIESE and his wife and with the Priestess of Candomblé ISABEL CRISTINA GONÇALVES (Yiá CRIS) about uri.  Yiá Cris is an important participant in interreligious dialogue in Curitiba.


Please check the slideshow bellow to checo more photos.

Photo: Trustee Salette at the sinagoga
Photo: Trustee Salette at the Holocaust museum