Meeting the Brazilian CCs and Meeting new Groups!

26 February 2023
Photo: Global trustee Salette visiting brazilian cc in curitiba
Photo: Members of CC Curitiba praying together.

Following the same dynamic of the first meeting, this time  were present, in addition to Salette Aquino, Luiz Omar and Maria Angelica: Rabbi PABLO BERMAN, ISAC BARIL (Vice-President of the Israeli Association), EDWARD JS HARRISON (FATHER JIMMY: by FUEP Umbandista Federation of the State of Paraná), UBIRATAM SILVA (member of the PASTORES NUCLEUS and  the Baptist Church of Curitiba),  DAVID KUCEKI (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints), JORGE BERNARDI (Theosofica society/UNINTER College), JOÃO BARRETO LOPES (Sukyo Mahikari), ROBERTO M. BARBOSA (National Council of Laity of Brazil, of the Roman Catholic Apostolic Church, of the city of Ponta Grossa).

Some data brought by those present: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has 1 Temple and 53 Chapels in Curitiba. Mahikari has 2 Temples. There are 1,600 Protestant Temples.  54 Terreiros de Umbanda.

ISAC BARIL was one of those responsible, along with State Representative Ney Leprevost, for the creation of the Law Against Religious Discrimination, sanctioned at the end of 2022. Ney was then Secretary of Justice, Family and Human Rights of the State of Paraná.