Good News Update - Inkwenkwezi Centre

29 August 2023

Over the December/January holiday period, the Inkwenkwezi Childhood Development Centre in Nyanga suffered a break-in which saw them lose everything needed to keep their doors open.

ECDs are community-based and run facilities that provide care for children under the age of 6 years. The first years of a child’s life form the foundation upon which they build their future, so it is vital that they have access to ECDs from an early age. The center serves not only as a school for young children but also as a safe space for many of our Mbokodo Project survivors in the area and a beacon of hope for the community of Nyanga as a whole.

ECDs in vulnerable & underserved township communities are in desperate need of funds to ensure that their doors remain open. The hardships and vulnerabilities young children face are exacerbated by high crime rates, poverty, and systemic injustice. This means that resources need to be channeled to give young children in Nyanga the education they need and deserve. In our greatest hour of need, answered our call. They truly embody their mission to fund organizations that support children and families who face difficult days.

As community empowerment is a core component of what we do as a human rights organization, Justice Desk Africa understands the need to show up and extend our support wherever we can to the communities that we work in and love.

We believe in the power of everyday people uniting together to create change and make an impact.

Thanks to the generous contribution from, Inkwenkewzi Educare was able to get back on track and continue to offer a safe and hopeful environment for over 100 children in Nyanga. Since then, many vital upgrades have been made to the centre, namely:

  • All electrical work, including cubing and cabling.

  • Exterior cables were installed from the main source (pole) where the initial damage originated.

  • A new DB box and meter box were purchased and installed, and all of the plugs and switches were replaced.

  • An additional outside light at the entrance was replaced with a sensor light in order to give more visibility and safety at night.

In the words of Theodora Luthuli, Inkwenkwezi's Principal,

"ECDs can no longer be left behind, they are the foundational building blocks of our country! Thank you for helping us to rebuild a strong foundation for our children!”

By supporting Inkwenkwezi to keep its doors open, has helped continue its amazing work within the township of Nyanga. A diverse range of children form part of the ECD Centres’ family and the work done with children on the disability spectrum has helped to ensure that the environment is transformational. This, in turn, influences the wider community and builds a culture of awareness and inclusivity. Nutritional meals are provided every day and are often the only meals some of the children have access to. From 6:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m., Khanyisa and Inkwenkwezi keep our children safe, fed, and educated.

Inkwenkwezi also uses an in-house learning program, which involves holistic learning through play and applies the principle learnings of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics). Not only this, Inkwenkwezi and Khanyisa also provide safe hubs for young primary and high school girls and boys in the community who require additional support. The contribution from helped keep the doors open, and lights on and increased the safety, so that the staff on the ground could do what they do best, educate our children.

“We are so grateful for all the love and support,” says Principal Luthuli. “It came at the right time, just when the funds were needed the most. Once again we are ready to be what we know we can be, making sure our children are being educated in the safe environment they deserve. Thank you so much to Ajaz for making this possible!”