Declaration that Recognizes URI for its Unifying Work!

31 August 2023

In Jobo, Veracruz, Mexico, on July 30, 2023, members of the CC Transdisciplinary Center for Economic Humanism A.C., met with other organizations with the firm intention of: Forge UNITY IN ACTION against the historical evils of our time that closed the integral advance to the new dimensions of living; Promote the construction of a global solidarity civilization that harmonizes development unequal and cohesive multi and interculturality.
Organize and mobilize all susceptible forces, movements and groupings to march disciplined and conglomerate so that the common good is the axis of the
joint actions and decisions.
Generate a space for regional and national linkage so that the process of respect, dialogue and accompaniment between the different currents of thought,
belief and vision of life occur within the guidelines of URI (Initiative of United Religions).
Prioritize coexistence, coexistence and cohabitation of movements, organizations and institutions that accept the values, principles and lines of interfaith, transcultural and ecumenical actions.

The attached document shows how the CC promotes unity, rapprochement and cooperation.