The Mission and Challenges Facing the Ecumenical Fraternity Today

31 August 2023
Photo: Members of the Believes CC posing for the photo.
Photo: Preacher making an speech to the members at the church.

 "The context we live in today is very different from that of the 20th century, which was when the Fraternity was born. The world has changed, new technologies have been imposed, traditional values have been questioned, violence and corruption stalk us. Apparently our Societies have become more atheistic, hedonistic and nihilistic. And churches and religions have lost their ethical force and their prophetic voice. For this reason, the task of the Fraternity today more than ever is urgent: it must raise its voice to denounce injustices, announce the Gospel of the Kingdom of God, defending Human Rights, inclusion of diversity, promoting unity and interreligious encounter, defending religious freedom and freedom of conscience, the secular state, the defense of democracy, the defense of the environment and of natural resources and of course promote and live PEACE." (Victor Rey)