Comunidad de Reflexión y Espiritualidad Ecológica - CREE

We want to be an open space for diverse religions to meet - a place of peace.
Promote interfaith and intercultural dialogue, the culture of peace, justice, human rights and respect for the Earth.
Agnostic, Baha'i, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Spirituality
Catholic, Evangelical, Gnostic
Number of Members
Quito, Ecuador
Joined URI Network

Comunidad de Reflexión y Espiritualidad Ecológica Cooperation Circle started as a virtual space (a WhatsApp group) to share thoughts and reflect together. After a year keeping together through this remote communication, this international, interdisciplinary and intercultural group had their first face-to-face meeting for International Day of Peace, September 21, 2018. The name of CREES “Community of Reflection and Ecological” was elected by vote, and since then, they meet once a month with the goal of helping to build Peace in present humanity. Members share their art, poetry and reflections and they are open to different perspectives in all these fields. They have also had special activities offering aid to Venezuelan’s migrants who have arrived in Ecuador, victims of the humanitarian crisis that exists in their brother country. Members of CREE plan to have an Intercultural and Interreligious Encounter in Ecuador.

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URI Stories of Impact

The Mission and Challenges Facing the Ecumenical Fraternity Today

The context we live in today is very different from that of the 20th century, which was when the Fraternity was born. The world has changed, new technologies have been imposed, traditional values have been questioned, violence and corruption stalk us. But we never lost faith, and we continue to bring our hearts to any kind of era that the world is putting to.

Declaration of the Community of Reflection and Ecumenical Spirituality

With deep pain and indignation, we invite our compatriots to reflect on the events that occurred in the Community of Temucuicui, Region of Araucanía, where, in an unwise police operation, the 7-year-old girl with the initials G.P.C.A. was subjected to repressive actions. daughter of the Mapuche leader Camilo Catrillanca, also victimized in another police proceeding outside the law. The aforementioned minor was arrested along with her mother and her grandmother by PDI personnel last Thursday, January 7; An action that, shielded in legality, had contradictory spaces that violated the Rights of the Child guaranteed by international agreements signed by Chile in 1990.