National Network of Agrarian Educators of Paraguay!

31 August 2023
Photo: Member of the CC  National Network of Agrarian Educators of Paraguay receiving certification.

Members of the Circle of Cooperation National Network of Agrarian Educators of Paraguay participated in the formation of a group together with members of the Armed Forces of Paraguay in Beekeeping.
Beekeeping is a discreet activity. However, around the world there are projects for small producers to implement it in order to strengthen their life system, while ensuring the continuity of the planet's habitat and biological diversity.
Currently, Paraguay has 60,000 modern hives installed nationwide with about 7,000 beekeepers; 90% are from the stratum of small producers and with an annual production of about 850 tons of honey, which is the main product produced in beekeeping establishments.
The workshop lasted 180 hours for people without any previous knowledge, but that does allow them a broad knowledge of the importance of involvement in the
beekeeping task, with its positive consequences on the environment through the pollination of bees.